February 27, 2013

Negative Feedback affects your EdgeRank on Facebook!

Nobody likes receiving negative feedback and this also applies to your brand. We all try to avoid any negative comments, but from now on we need to be even more careful. As it seems, our EdgeRank on Facebook is affected by negative feedback, which ultimately affects our visibility on the newsfeed.

First of all, the EdgeRank can be defined as an algorithm that determines the appearance of the posts on the newsfeed. Thus, we need to make sure that we keep our EdgeRank at a high level, in order to maintain the proper visibility of our brand. However, this algorithm is more complex than its definition, when it comes to understanding of how it works. There are many factors affecting it, such as the relationship between the brand and the fan ("affinity"), the value of the post ("weight") and the "time decay" that puts the newer posts higher than the older ones. Apart from these factors, Facebook has also decided to add the negative feedback among them, as a way to award the "positive" brands with a better visibility.


According to EdgeRank Checker, an average Facebook post receives 0.03% negative feedback. Negative feedback is defined by Facebook as the hiding of a specific story, the hiding of all the stories from a brand, the report of spam and the unlike of a page.

Although there is not a single brand out there without any negative feedback, you can at least try to eliminate it. Monitoring the reputation of your brand is more important than ever. It even affects the visibility of your page now, which makes it critical for you to be more alert.

From now on:

  • Make sure you create relevant, interesting and engaging posts. In general, a fan does not hide a post or unlike a page if s/he is not offended or mislead by the content.
  • Keep an eye on the conversations that take place on your page. Do not ignore the discussions between your fans.
  • Learn more about your customers, adopt a positive attitude and create a loyal fan base.
  • Have a look at the Insights of your page and track the unlikes. It will be a helpful start, in order to see whether you need to take any further action.

As a conclusion, it is not bad that negative feedback affects your EdgeRank. On the contrary, if you make sure that your fans are satisfied, then your page will be, too!