Inbound Marketing Generates More Leads. Here's What You Need to Know.

Your very first inbound campaign has hit the ground running, and you are excited to see leads start flowing through the funnel. We admire your optimism! However, with any new process, snags are to be expected. Here are a few things you need to know/do to get you through any growing pains while you transition to inbound.

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Rachel OrnRachel Orn

DIY Social Media: Facebook Live

If you haven’t noticed recently, Facebook is all about videos: cat videos, Buzzfeed videos, live videos, you name it. Facebook wants to grow into a video-oriented platform, so they’re adjusting the algorithm to favor video content, especially Facebook Live posts. You might have noticed that Facebook sends you a notification when businesses and friends go live. 

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Victoria WrightVictoria Wright

Professional Social Media Branding for College Students

Have you started branding yourself on social media? If you haven’t, then you should jump online and start now (after reading this post of course). You are your own unique brand, so you need to express that in your online presence. Future employers are constantly looking.

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Emily VeneziaEmily Venezia

The Carolina Panthers Have The Best Social Media Game In The NFL

I want to begin saying I’m biased. I’ve always been biased towards the Carolina Panthers. They began playing in 1995, and while growing up in North Carolina during the 1990s, this football team was a staple in my home. Bias aside, there are some valid reasons why I believe the Carolina Panthers have one of the most impressive and effective social media accounts in the NFL.

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Chelsea WaddellChelsea Waddell

Reporting Matters: Inbound Manager

So you just launched your new inbound marketing campaign, congrats! Now, what? How do you know if it’s working? Ongoing observations of analytics and reports are the best way to measure campaign performance. To some, they seem intimidating. With a little research (and by knowing what to look for) you can simplify it.

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Shannon O'BoyleShannon O'Boyle

DIY Social Media: Instagram Stories

In August of last year, Instagram launched their response to Snapchat, called “Stories.” Images or videos taken in the Instagram app can be added to your Story, which lasts 24 hours and can be viewed by those who follow or view your profile.

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Amie DetarAmie Detar