September 10, 2015

Personalized Marketing


Personalized marketing is the ultimate form of targeted marketing, creating messages for individual consumers. In today’s relentlessly competitive marketplaces, knowing what your customers want and promoting your products in the right way, with the right context and at the right time has never been more important. Many businesses are beginning to understand what personalization is and how powerful the technology can be. The question, however, is why is it critical to your business? 


1. Take Back The Inbox 

It's crucial to stand out if you want you email marketing campaigns to be successful. If you are not customizing your emails, you are not engaging customers at the level you could be. 


It's important to work with your email marketing platform to segment your lists. You might subdivide your customers by industry, geographic location, past purchasing habits, and so on. Then, craft emails that explicitly address the unique needs of each subgroup. Personalization is a great way to nurture leads, helping them reconvert and pushing them down the sales funnel. Your main goal is to gain more customers.

2. Improved Website 

With personalized marketing, your website recognizes visitors coming to your site. This is going to make their experience on your website a lot better than if they saw the exact same thing every time. One way that you can tailor your website and content to match the needs and interestes of your visitors is through smart CTA's. Allowing you to personalize your visitor's experience. Smart CTA's allow you to automatically display different CTAs to different visitors based on the information you've already collected about them in your contacts database, personalizing each visitors experience on your website. 


3. Know Your Audience For Increased Conversions  

Marketing campaigns need to communicate value on a personal level because customers act based on what is meaningful to them. Strive to make these connections by segmenting your audiences and leveraging their data to personalize user experiences and marketing communications. Once that understanding is there, personalization can be applied through different content medium. 




Personalization implies knowing your customers personally. To do this well requires acquiring a deep understanding of your buyers. Most efforts fail when personalization is treated as a profiling exercise as opposed to achieving human-centered understanding. You can't create great marketing without making it personalized. People want to know that they are important to you, and giving them personalized content is going to make you stand out among the competitor that greets them with "Hi Customer." 

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