WordPress Security, 10 Easy Steps For Protecting Your Blog Or Website!

Today we're going to talk WordPress and in case you don't already know, its the very best CMS platform on the planet and its the only platform that we use when building customer sites here at Posse Social Media! Currently its estimated that around 20-25% of all NEW websites are built utilizing the WordPress platform, that number makes up bout 1/5 of all the sites that are live online today. So tell me again why someone would use another CMS? But that's a discussion for another day. I think your probably starting to get the picture, with these kinds of numbers comes big time attention.

And Unfortunately, we are here to talk about the bad attention WordPress gets from bad people, HACKERS! Your know, that sweaty guy in a poorly lit dingy back room pounding out code while he chain smokes one cigarette after another, wrong! Today's hackers are sophisticated, well educated and getting richer by the minute. Matter of fact, you could certainly be sitting next to one as you sip on your favorite morning Latte.

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