3 Steps to Email Marketing For Financial Advisors

According to the DMA National Client Email Report 2015, the average ROI from email marketing is $38 for every $1 spent. Also reported that 9 out of 10 clients perceive email marketing as a channel of importance. Email is the perfect place for your message to be taken seriously while achieving a substantial return. In just a few simple steps you can start planning your launch of an email campaign today!

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Shannon O'BoyleShannon O'Boyle

Website Analytics Find the Tool For You

In today's article we will be comparing the top three website analytics tools available. The tools we will be covering are Piwik, Clicky, and Google Analytics. We will go over the general views and reason users download each tool as well as the features and disadvantages.

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Understanding Social Media ROI

Understanding social media ROI (return on investment) requires that companies know what their desired goal is when used for marketing. One of the biggest complaints and toughest goals that marketers face today is putting social media into a measurable ROI for companies. Most companies know how important social media can be to their company growth but demonstrating the returns is another matter. To understand and put ROI into perspective companies need a plan with quantifiable goals.

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Danny HallDanny Hall

Posse and Argyle Social... A Love Story


For quite some time Posse Social Media has used HootSuite to post things for our own social media platforms as well as our clients’. In November 2011 we decided to explore some options and go through a demo with Argyle Social. We decided to stick with HootSuite because, well, why pay for these services when we could get the ones we needed for free? Little did we know how much we would end up needing Argyle.

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TB AlvesTB Alves