5 Apps Your Team Needs to Stay On Task

No matter where you are in developing your business’ inbound strategy, there’s always a need to be better at communicating and organizing, especially when the internal emails start piling up.

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Victoria WrightVictoria Wright

LinkedIn's Latest--Job Search from the Privacy of Your Phone

The quintessential professional networking platform, LinkedIn, has just expanded its capabilities with the release of its newest mobile app, LinkedIn Job Search. The standalone app is "dedicated to helping members find, research, and apply for jobs on-the-go without the distractions of news, content, and other updates" a LinkedIn spokesperson shared with Mashable. The app was released on June 19th.

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Rebecca JacobsRebecca Jacobs

Is That Free App Worth It?

This week AVAST, a very reliable and trusted internet and mobile device security company, issued a warning that a recently released night vision app for your mobile devices contains spyware coding. This app called Cámara Visión Nocturna retrieves and stores phone numbers and charges you for a premium messaging service.

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Facebook “Home” Hitting Android Phones

Social Media Networking Just Got Better

With Facebook unveiling “Home” for Android phones the social media networking juggernaut kicks it up another notch in being able to reach people even more easily. By adding the “Home” experience on Android gadgets it will help to further cement social networking’s role on people’s mobile devices. This is a bold move by the company. They are looking to increase their marketing revenue to

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PJ Hall-BillsPJ Hall-Bills

Is Facebook Getting a Whole New Facelift? Check Out Timeline

If by some random happenstance you missed out on today’s F8 conference held by Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg, here are some of the highlights. After a somewhat amusing intro skit courtesy SNL’s own Andy Samberg, Zuckerberg took the stage to speak about what looks to be the most radical makeover Facebook has seen since it first premiered in 2007. If Facebook started out being all about the profile, and then morphed into being all about the wall, get ready for the next level – the Timeline.

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Five iPad Business Apps to Place on Your Must Have List

With increasing emphasis being placed on telecommuting, there is no wonder that the lines between home and work have been skewed. While home PCs have moved ever closer toward being used for pleasure, other devices like the BlackBerry have poured in to fill the need for work tools so that always busy professionals can keep up with goings on. The release of Apple’s iPad has introduced one more tool in the blurring of the work/home lines. With the release of apps that function for both home and work use, businesses can now keep well in touch with their pros on the go. The following five are prime examples of iPad apps designed to do just that.

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