Has Google Penguin Made Your Site An Endangered Species?

The Google Penguin update has landed. Question is – how did it affect your rankings? While Google is thrilled to toot its own horn over its newest tool in fighting spam, there are many folks who are asking whether this was truly the answer to the problem. It seems that small business owners are the ones who are seeing the biggest fallout from the changes implemented by the newest Google algorithm. While some are left trying to figure out how to get back up in the ranks, others are left asking if Penguin truly helped to address the issues surrounding Negative SEO tactics.

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Is Google Killing Unnatural Links or Viable Backlinks?

Google Webmaster Tools has taken a new stronger stance. Where many companies have relied upon mildly manipulated links to help strengthen their search based marketing, now Google is cracking down. More and more users are seeing notices popping up telling them that they should keep an eye out for links that could be considered either unnatural or artificial and that may being used in order to artificially inflate PageRank.

It is interesting to note that Google’s update, nicknamed Panda, was meant to

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