Want More Twitter Followers?

Here's How You Can Do It!

Twitter continues to be a highly effective means of connecting with individuals in today’s instant communication driven society. As such, it is an excellent platform for reaching out to both existing and new clients and customers. The biggest question that most people ask though is how they can gain more and more Twitter followers. It is undeniable that a larger viewership can lead to more business conversions, so just how can you increase your follower base?

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Social Media: How Can It Benefit My Small Business? Pt 2

The use of social media is growing every day. Although it is not the answer to all your prayers, it can give you some great tools and benefits that make you business work. In fact these tool work to make your business work. Here are numbers 4-6 of my top 9 benefits that social media can offer your small (or not so small) business.

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Social Media: How Can It Benefit My Small Business?

Social media is fast becoming a way of life for all of us. We connect with friends and family more quickly and cheaply than ever. In this day and age long distance phone calls are becoming a charge of the past. We know more about the world around us in a blink of an eye; in fact we know when important (and not so important) events are happing virtually the second after they have happened. So, what does this mean for you and your business? Here are 3 of my top nine benefits to using social media for your business as well as some tips and tricks.

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Social Bookmarking – How Can It Help Your Business?

Most everyone who has ever read a book can tell you just how much a bookmark can help. It holds your place so that you will be able to go back to your favorite spots whenever you wish. The great thing is that the same can be done for individual web pages or sites. All browsers today offer a means of being able to bookmark the site you want to keep. Once you go back online you can then pull the site or page right back up.

Another potential means of keeping up with bookmarks is through the use of social bookmarking sites.

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A Tale of Gary Vaynerchuk and the Social Media Clowns

Once upon a time – actually not too long ago at all – there came a social media maven by the name of Gary Vaynerchuk. Mr. Vaynerchuk was interviewed on a popular show and made a comment that caused a great deal of headshaking and handwringing. Gary stated that 99.5% of social media experts are clowns. True story folks... Now, I know that this happened back in June, but there are still quite a few people in an uproar over it. At first I paid little attention to the whole hubbub until a friend asked me about it.

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Singing the Social Media Marketing Blues

Make Sure You’re Never Too Busy To Include Social Media In Your Business!

Take a look around at many of the traditional brick & mortar businesses across the country. Likely you will find that their sales have been in a bit of a slump no thanks to the down economy. It always surprises us here at Posse Social Media how many of these businesses we reach out to with advice on how to include social media marketing in order to draw more clients only to hear the remark that they are way too busy to worry with something like that.

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