How To Maximize Your Twitter Potential

When it comes to rocking out a Twitter account you might be surprised at what it takes to get the job done. It seems like we see users try to max out their accounts with tons of followers while following as many as they can. These same users may send out tons of tweets every day. They may even have a half decent background. Surprisingly though many of these accounts will ultimately fail. It’s no wonder we have people always asking us

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The Mystery of the Hashtag | Posse Social Media

Do you add hashtags in your social media posts? If you do, great! If not, don’t be scared, hashtags can only increase your followers and I’m going to tell you how. Hashtags do not need to be as intimidated as people tend to make them. Hashtags create a viral component which can only increase followers. Here’s a look at what a hashtag is and how it can help your business.

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Facebook Emulation of Twitter Continues – Trending Topics

Continuing along its current track of integrating features first used by other social networks (Ticker = Twitter feed? You decide!) Facebook has now fully embraced hashtags. These #keyword phrases are denoted through the use of the pound sign or hashtag as it is known online. Twitter has been using hashtag for quite some time, and Google+ had already embraced them as well. This move by Facebook may have been spurred on by the fact that

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