How Can I Create A Presence On The Internet? Part 2

Welcome back! Let’s jump right in on part two of our three part series on reaching your target audience with great results. In the last installment (click here for Part One) we discussed how to identify your target audience, how to stay engaging, and styles of writing for different sources. Now we will discuss SEO, Google and Google’s newest algorithm. So let’s begin with SEO and what it means to your posts and articles.

What is SEO?

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How Can I Create A Presence On The Internet?

Trying to make your presence known on the internet can be a very complicated and confusing process. If you have tried to do it on your own before without knowing what you’re getting into, it can make you feel kind of like the pigeon who smacks into the window of a 5th story apartment home. The key to success is having the right

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3 Things You Should Know About Recent Google Changes

This isn't your father's Google. Heck, it isn't your Google, circa 2012.

In an effort to inflict a little spam killer on the web, and to create an Internet environment more conducive to strategy than keyword stuffing, Google went all organic on us. The Google change, designed to redefine search-engine optimization, marks another shift in its algorithms.

Google's ever-changing approach to maintaining the web might feel intrusive and dictatorial to some. However, as web access becomes increasingly mobile and faster with the emergence of fiber optic Internet, the stage is being set for a more intuitive, quality driven standard for websites.

But what does this mean for those of us here on the web?

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