Buying Facebook Ads – Is It Worth The Investment?

Facebook ads could either be a great way to advertise or could simply be a waste of money depending on who you ask. The truth however lies somewhere in the middle. By going into it with your anticipations well under hand and by handling your adverts properly you could have a much more positive outcome.

According to comScore, Facebook ads increased purchases by up to 38 percent for those who were exposed to them over those who had no exposure. Conversely, Reuters polled asking people whether ads – and/or comments – had influenced purchases. Out of those polled a whopping 80 percent answered in the negative. So who is right?

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Understanding Social Media ROI

Understanding social media ROI (return on investment) requires that companies know what their desired goal is when used for marketing. One of the biggest complaints and toughest goals that marketers face today is putting social media into a measurable ROI for companies. Most companies know how important social media can be to their company growth but demonstrating the returns is another matter. To understand and put ROI into perspective companies need a plan with quantifiable goals.

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Danny HallDanny Hall

Social Media ROI based on Sales

In this method of figuring out your social media ROI, we will be estimating our ROI in terms of sales. However, you cannot quantify social media; there is not (as yet anyway), a way to say X interaction = Y Dollars, so we have to be creative. This is a three step process which allows you to give your social media ROI some value so you know what you have to do to make your campaign stronger.

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Should You Estimate Your Social Media Return On Your Investment?

When it comes to figuring out how to strengthen your business, it’s a good idea to start looking at how efficient your marketing has been and then go from there. For example, a team may use marketing numbers to change up their budgets and small businesses may use numbers to ask for a loan. When it comes to your own small marketing online, social and web metrics can be used to strengthen current marketing campaigns and lay the foundations for new ones in the future.

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