How do you measure social media influence?

We all use social media quite frequently and most of us can be self-proclaimed as "social media experts", even without being able to prove our title in practice. It seems so easy nowadays to consider yourself a social media influencer that we can't help but wonder, what exactly is social media influence?

Social media influence is a very general term that even the real experts of the field are not able to define it by reaching on a general agreement. In simple words, we could say that social media influence is a "power" that some people gain over time through their networks, which is translated into bigger reach on their posts.

You might be a social media influencer either by being an already well-known personality (e.g. being a politician, or a celebrity), or by using extensively the social networks in a wise way that allows you to broaden your community over time. However, measuring the social media influence of a person is not that easy.

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Tereza LitsaTereza Litsa