Inbound Marketing for Law Firms - The Newest (& Best) Way to Gain Clients

Marketing for lawyers has evolved. Typical Google PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and traditional SEO keyword practices that, in the past, may have brought clients through the front door are not as effective as they used to be. For a law firm to add to its case load, a greater online presence is necessary going forward.

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Can Attorneys Benefit From Inbound Marketing?

The concept of marketing can often seem overwhelming at times, particularly when it comes to busy business owners, directors and professionals. There isn't enough time in the day to complete everything on your to-do list, nevermind adding in sporadic digital marketing activities, and the biggest concern of all is, does online marketing even work for my industry? 


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Jamie SmithJamie Smith

Best SEO Practices For Lawyers

Many lawyers experience some confusion (& understandably so) about the best ways to stand out in today's world. To be noticed online seems time consuming and thankless, especially when you are already a working professional. Using the best lawyer SEO practices relevant for today will help to ensure that your time is well spent and your practice is visible.

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