Mobile Marketing Is Making Moves

Marketing tactics have changed over the years. Tools that used to work flawlessly don’t always have the edge anymore. The technological advancements that our society has made have allowed for new tactics for engaging with the audience to emerge. This is where mobile marketing comes into play.

Professor Andreas Kaplan has defined Mobile Marketing as “any marketing activity conducted through

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Matthew WheelerMatthew Wheeler

Is mobile use by children on the rise?

Mobile devices are now firmly entrenched in our lives. Whether it is a tablet, smartphone, or other such device it is extremely difficult to imagine how we could survive without them. We use them for business and in our personal lives to send texts, cruise the social networks, and to simply stay in touch with what's going on with everyone. Given the dependency upon mobile devices at what point do we have to recognize the potential for addiction? The most disturbing part of this is the fact that our children are using such devices at earlier and earlier ages.

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Six Beginner Tips For Building A Website

Thinking about building your own website? Here are six beginner tips for building a website straight from our web design team here at Posse.

Do not go for

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TB AlvesTB Alves

How does the Facebook Newsfeed really change?

Facebook has announced the redesign of its News Feed, and as it seems there are indeed many things that will change. The web experience will be identical to the mobile version of Facebook. Everything gets bigger, the pictures look more attractive than ever and there are now 7 different news feeds so you can choose which one you prefer. Let's take a look at what each change means:

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Tereza LitsaTereza Litsa

Mobile Marketing Is Dead, Not A Chance!

The much rumored demise of mobile marketing/advertising has been pumped out across the airwaves for months now and I'm here to personally tell those pushing this message "Give It Up"! Its clearly just the opposite, mobile is here to stay. Today more so than ever people are connecting via their mobile phones, from shopping to local searches, people are connected and plugged in like we have never seen before. So much so that 48% of all users do not even shut their phones off at night.

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How Can Mobile Marketing Help My Business?

If someone had told you ten years ago that the price of gold was going to hit $1,500 an ounce, would you have invested in it? Of course you would. Now, how about if someone told you that there is a type of marketing that could potentially increase your customer base by twenty percent?

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