Mobile Marketing Is Making Moves

Marketing tactics have changed over the years. Tools that used to work flawlessly don’t always have the edge anymore. The technological advancements that our society has made have allowed for new tactics for engaging with the audience to emerge. This is where mobile marketing comes into play.

Professor Andreas Kaplan has defined Mobile Marketing as “any marketing activity conducted through

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Matthew WheelerMatthew Wheeler

There Really IS an App for that!

Technology and the use of phone apps have launched the cell phone from something you use to call and text to the most useful piece of technology most of us own. Your phone is now your camera, your ipod, your navigation device, the place where you check your email and Facebook, and on and on. Apps have changed the game.

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The New Year of Social Media - Ringing in 2013

Many describe 2012 of the Year of Social Media

We saw rumors started, statements made, and rivalries created, all through social media. Companies large and small began to realize this year that they must be a part of it in order to be on any side of a trend. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are no longer just something to be social on; it’s a site with one billion potential customers. 2013 is looking like the year where social media will become a mainstay of marketing, not just a passing fad. There are three big trends to remember with the coming year!

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TB AlvesTB Alves

Mobile Marketing Is Dead, Not A Chance!

The much rumored demise of mobile marketing/advertising has been pumped out across the airwaves for months now and I'm here to personally tell those pushing this message "Give It Up"! Its clearly just the opposite, mobile is here to stay. Today more so than ever people are connecting via their mobile phones, from shopping to local searches, people are connected and plugged in like we have never seen before. So much so that 48% of all users do not even shut their phones off at night.

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