The Resume of the Future: Your Visual Portfolio

Social media is everywhere and is influencing everything – even the way we apply and interview for jobs and careers. Our LinkedIn pages give our info. Our personal Facebook pages become more toned down or we start new Facebook pages to help represent ourselves the way we want our interviewers to see us. Our Twitter followers change to include more professional contacts.

We want to present ourselves in the most professional and yet innovative way possible. In today’s world of changes in a blink of an eye what are you supposed to do to really represent yourself to potential employers and/or partners?

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Social Media Press Releases – Do I Gotta?

Social media press releases must be written as part of your marketing efforts. Yes, we are talking about a part of the marketing effort that most people do not want to have to write. The problem for most people when writing a press release is that they just have difficulty wording one that they feel will get the points across effectively. Know that social media press releases do not mean that you still do not need to have the traditional press releases. Social media press releases are complimentary to the traditional ones assisting in covering the realm of potential customers and clients.

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Using Multimedia in Your Social Media

Don’t Miss the Social Boat

Using multimedia in your social media campaign sounds like a tongue twister in the making. In actuality if you are not using multimedia tools then you are not getting your point across. We have all heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words” well never has this been truer than in the social media arena. Today when people are bombarded with text and more text having something that breaks up the monotony of reading can keep your visitors from straying. The eyes and mind need a break and what better way to accomplish this than use of multimedia?

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