LinkedIn's Latest--Job Search from the Privacy of Your Phone

The quintessential professional networking platform, LinkedIn, has just expanded its capabilities with the release of its newest mobile app, LinkedIn Job Search. The standalone app is "dedicated to helping members find, research, and apply for jobs on-the-go without the distractions of news, content, and other updates" a LinkedIn spokesperson shared with Mashable. The app was released on June 19th.

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Rebecca JacobsRebecca Jacobs

Should I Stop Social Media Posting For the Season?

With the seasons beginning to change there are those businesses who are going to experience a natural slowdown in their work. Companies that specialize in work like landscaping and construction as well as those that work in the hospitality industry such as condo rentals on the beachfront may all see a drop off in work during the so-called slow months. This raises the question: should these businesses slow or stop their social media campaigns for the season?

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TB AlvesTB Alves

Your LinkedIn Profile Explained

If you are new to LinkedIn you might not know what is what when it comes to your profile. As a LinkedIn member you can search for a job, join interesting groups, research companies you might be interested in, and network with other members. Your profile will let everyone know who you are, your qualifications, your experience, and your skills so you will want it to be as complete as possible.

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Stacy MaynardStacy Maynard

Use of Social Media and the IRS

Social media sites have been used in the past by various agencies to aid in the investigative process regarding potential fraud cases No one denies the power of social media. Now, even the IRS is beginning to utilize information from Facebook and Twitter to verify information on tax returns. Law enforcement and other government agencies have been using this information in the recent past, but now the IRS has joined the party.

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PJ Hall-BillsPJ Hall-Bills

Privacy vs. Promotion

Your business might be preparing to grow exponentially with the help of social media, but have you thought about the personal, private and non-commercial information you might be posting online? As a break from the business norm, this article takes a look at how YOU should be protecting yourself and your loved ones on social media.

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Malcolm CannonMalcolm Cannon

Powerful Networking Through LinkedIn

Think that you need to go to a Chamber meeting and events all the time to network? While face-to-face networking will always be a great means of networking, the internet has made it simple to be able to network from your office or home. LinkedIn is one of the best online networking sites where professionals can meet and engage with each other.

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