Increasing Page Views Through Social Bookmarking

Here at Posse Social Media we get asked all the time just how it is that social bookmarking can help to increase business. Think about it this way; when you are reading a book, you bookmark the page when you have to leave it for a short while, right? The same is true when using the Internet to obtain information or just for enjoyment - you may have to leave the site for a while. Sites that employ social bookmarks allow you to go back to what you were doing on that site quickly and easily.

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TB AlvesTB Alves

Is Facebook Doomed To Fail?

Why Businesses Can’t Rely On A One Network Social Media Marketing Strategy

We constantly hear about different businesses – large and small alike – shifting their marketing efforts over to Facebook. Normally this would not be big news; however, when these businesses decide to put all their eggs in one basket the news is literally explosive. Is Facebook well established enough to take such a chance? Hardly.

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Danny HallDanny Hall

Marketing with Social Media: How To Avoid Being Creepy!

Social Media Marketing is a great way to get you message, products, and missions out there and engage your customers/patrons. In today’s world there are a million different ways to collect data in order to better understand and utilize your participant’s data. Unfortunately, it is just as easy to go from savvy business person to creepy big brother. Do not fear. There are great ways to get the information you are seeking without alienating your followers!

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