Does My Business Need A Facebook Page?

In today's socially driven world many businesses are asking the question "does my business need my business need a Facebook page?" Want an easy answer? Well, unfortunately there is no simple one word answer. There are many factors that go into determining if you need a Facebook page or any other such social networking identity. Perhaps the more focused question would be "is my

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TB AlvesTB Alves

So You Want To Start A Podcast?

Podcasting is the next step up from blogging. While blogging is done by armies of pajama-clad ordinary people, podcasting is done by many of these same people, though less often in pajamas, in front of a digital or audio recorder. Short pieces are recorded and then distributed via RSS or Atom to their website, typically a blog site. Listeners and viewers can then download podcasts using podcast clients. A good podcast client (iTunes for example) will allow you to subscribe to the RSS/Atom feed of your favorite podcasters and automatically download the content to a computer or to a portable audio player when new items are available.

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Danny HallDanny Hall