Where can I find the perfect image for my content?

Ninja Chipmunk

If you have been doing digital marketing for any degree of time it is likely that you have heard of the dreaded Getty Images letters that many individuals and businesses have received. These letters often include a snap of some image that you may have used on your site without realizing that it had been licensed by Getty at some time or another. While it is true that Getty has been known for extremely questionable tactics regarding this issue, who really has

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Danny HallDanny Hall

Instagram VS Twitter on Photos Affecting Social Media Users

If you tried to upload a picture on Instagram recently and view it afterwards from your Twitter account, you might have noticed a cropped version of your picture. Don't worry, you didn't crop it accidentally, it's just that Instagram has decided to cease the support to Twitter cards, which means that the Instagram photos will never look perfect on Twitter anymore.

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Tereza LitsaTereza Litsa