5 Benefits of Podcasting for Financial Advisors

Do people really listen to podcasts? You might be surprised by the statistics. According to a survey done by Edison Research at the beginning of 2016, 21% of people in the United States listened to podcasts, with 35-54 being one of the biggest age groups tuning in. Total listening is up from 17% in 2015.

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Kayla AlmonKayla Almon

The Benefits of Podcast

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Jessi HealeyJessi Healey

Content Marketing: Beyond The Blog Post

There is no way to talk about digital marketing nowadays without including ‘content marketing’ in the very first sentences. The increasing need for online content has turned every business into a publisher and content marketing is now proudly considered a powerful weapon for a complete digital strategy.

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Tereza LitsaTereza Litsa

So You Want To Start A Podcast? What Comes Next?

With more and more people on the go, being able to get the information that they want in an easy to access format is a must. Today people want on-demand content. Rather than newsletters, email blasts, or heading to websites to get that information they want to be able to access it when, where and how they want. With the rise of smart devices this is especially so. A podcast is an outstanding vehicle for offering that sort of content. You have made the decision to start one, so what comes next?

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TB AlvesTB Alves

So You Want To Start A Podcast?

Podcasting is the next step up from blogging. While blogging is done by armies of pajama-clad ordinary people, podcasting is done by many of these same people, though less often in pajamas, in front of a digital or audio recorder. Short pieces are recorded and then distributed via RSS or Atom to their website, typically a blog site. Listeners and viewers can then download podcasts using podcast clients. A good podcast client (iTunes for example) will allow you to subscribe to the RSS/Atom feed of your favorite podcasters and automatically download the content to a computer or to a portable audio player when new items are available.

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Danny HallDanny Hall