Social Media & Your Employees

You Want Me To Do What?

Social media and employees, “you want me to do what?” That is exactly how a lot of companies feel when it comes to employees getting involved with social media. A lot of companies continue to hold the concept that allowing employees to be involved in social media especially when it comes to business is detrimental to the business. Taking a look at how employees’ affect business is important since social media isn’t something that can be stopped.

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PJ Hall-BillsPJ Hall-Bills

Social Media Policies – A Human Resource Nightmare

With the need for social media policies in the work place, human resource nightmares can occur before you know it. Trying to keep pace with ever changing issues with labor laws, quality and certification requirements alone can certainly be challenging. Now, throw in the newest and greatest technological advances in internet usage along with a multitude of social media platforms, and you can have a real nightmare. Companies will have their human resources departments and leadership attempting to keep their heads from exploding, especially in the beginning. The benefit of developing and having a social media presence far outweighs the problems that can occur however.

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Danny HallDanny Hall