Reporting Matters: Inbound Manager

So you just launched your new inbound marketing campaign, congrats! Now, what? How do you know if it’s working? Ongoing observations of analytics and reports are the best way to measure campaign performance. To some, they seem intimidating. With a little research (and by knowing what to look for) you can simplify it.

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Shannon O'BoyleShannon O'Boyle

Want To Know How Top INbound Marketers Spell Success?

When it comes to marketing, there often seems like a magic mix of materials, tools, and such to which only a relative handful of top marketers have access. These marketers seem to consistently rise head and shoulders above the rest as they help to draw in lead after lead, helping sales to seal the deal time and again. The trouble is that this is a major misconception. There is no secret tool chest that these marketers are using. They simply know the correct way to spell success. And now, thanks to HubSpot and Inbound 2015, we all know just what it is that these leading marketers are doing to be so successful!

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Danny HallDanny Hall

Posse and Argyle Social... A Love Story


For quite some time Posse Social Media has used HootSuite to post things for our own social media platforms as well as our clients’. In November 2011 we decided to explore some options and go through a demo with Argyle Social. We decided to stick with HootSuite because, well, why pay for these services when we could get the ones we needed for free? Little did we know how much we would end up needing Argyle.

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TB AlvesTB Alves