What in the Heck is SEM? How do YOU Market Your Biz Online?

When you consider many changes taking place on the internet and how we interact with it there is no way to NOT be impressed. This is especially so when you consider the relatively short time in which it has happened. Take online marketing for example. This field really got started in the 90s and has boomed into a ginormous industry. Digital marketing has been fully embraced by so many businesses that it would be almost impossible

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TB AlvesTB Alves

Why Poor Copy Can Kill Your Ranking

It happens more often than you might think… Someone is cruising around the net reading articles and comes across one of ‘those’ types of articles. You know the ones: very poor grammar, obviously spun mechanically or by someone with no skills at all. While these may have once been able to draw a degree of ranking from the various search engines, today these are flagged as spam and/or simply ignored in the ranking system. That’s right. Your super duplicated article is killing your ranking. Thanks to some of the more current updates (think Panda & Penguin for example) Google now looks at the quality of your articles! Here’s a good example of how NOT to write an article:

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Danny HallDanny Hall

Why Social Media is the Future of the Internet Search

Remember when searching for information included a trip to the public library and a surf session through tens of books? Now everything is simplified with a single click of the button. You pick a subject and release the question and Google will give, in few milliseconds, some answers back.

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Malcolm CannonMalcolm Cannon

What are Six Practices for the Modern SEO

Just looking at Google’s results page gives us a clue that the search results aren’t what they use to be. These pages are no longer just comprised of organic and traditional site matches, because Google lists images, videos, social cues; as well as maps locally. This affects more than what we see and can identify with.

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Nicole LongNicole Long