Not Knowing Best Practices for Your Online Presence

Digital marketing is constantly changing.  Business owners have great opportunities to find (and be found by) target customers. However, taking full advantage of what an online presence has to offer requires spending time and effort to learn best practices of each digital outlet. Even after mastering a platform, however, entrepreneurs and marketers must still take the time to stay updated on changes occurring weekly (and sometimes daily). It takes patience, research, and a little creativity. 

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Chelsea WaddellChelsea Waddell

10 Gifts To Give Your Social Media Manager

Christmas is next week - have you gotten gifts for everyone on your list? If you’re still wondering what present to get the social media junkie in your life, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with these mostly impractical but totally awesome gift ideas:

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Amie DetarAmie Detar

4 Things your business gets wrong on facebook

Admit it. Your organization has been on Facebook for a few years now and you still may get a few things wrong. You may have heard conspirators mumbling this platform is headed down the drain. If you choose to ignore Facebook or continue missing the mark it could mean lost revenue or relationships.  

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Nora TrotmanNora Trotman