The Mystery of the Hashtag | Posse Social Media

Do you add hashtags in your social media posts? If you do, great! If not, don’t be scared, hashtags can only increase your followers and I’m going to tell you how. Hashtags do not need to be as intimidated as people tend to make them. Hashtags create a viral component which can only increase followers. Here’s a look at what a hashtag is and how it can help your business.

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Why Small Businesses Fail At Social Media

Now before you fly off the handle, let me preface this by saying that not all small businesses fail at social media. There are however many that seem bound and determined to do so. No matter how hard they think they try to succeed at integrating a social strategy into their business model it just seems to dissolve or even blow up in their faces. Let me set the stage for you: Steve X owns a motorcycle shop that specializes in designing and building custom cycles. Steve's friend Joe has a shop that specializes in building show cars. One day Joe tells Steve that he just HAS to have

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TB AlvesTB Alves

Social Bookmarking – How Can It Help Your Business?

Most everyone who has ever read a book can tell you just how much a bookmark can help. It holds your place so that you will be able to go back to your favorite spots whenever you wish. The great thing is that the same can be done for individual web pages or sites. All browsers today offer a means of being able to bookmark the site you want to keep. Once you go back online you can then pull the site or page right back up.

Another potential means of keeping up with bookmarks is through the use of social bookmarking sites.

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