The Carolina Panthers Have The Best Social Media Game In The NFL

I want to begin saying I’m biased. I’ve always been biased towards the Carolina Panthers. They began playing in 1995, and while growing up in North Carolina during the 1990s, this football team was a staple in my home. Bias aside, there are some valid reasons why I believe the Carolina Panthers have one of the most impressive and effective social media accounts in the NFL.

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Chelsea WaddellChelsea Waddell

How do you measure social media influence?

We all use social media quite frequently and most of us can be self-proclaimed as "social media experts", even without being able to prove our title in practice. It seems so easy nowadays to consider yourself a social media influencer that we can't help but wonder, what exactly is social media influence?

Social media influence is a very general term that even the real experts of the field are not able to define it by reaching on a general agreement. In simple words, we could say that social media influence is a "power" that some people gain over time through their networks, which is translated into bigger reach on their posts.

You might be a social media influencer either by being an already well-known personality (e.g. being a politician, or a celebrity), or by using extensively the social networks in a wise way that allows you to broaden your community over time. However, measuring the social media influence of a person is not that easy.

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Tereza LitsaTereza Litsa