Make Friends with Your Social Media Manager

“Any content you have time to share would be helpful!” This is a statement you’ve likely heard from your social media manager - whether that person is in-house or part of an agency. Every time you hear it, your eyes roll and your social manager pauses all breathing while waiting for a different response, hoping against all odds that this time you’ll be ready to dive in. Meanwhile, you’re silently cursing the person; after all, isn’t content creation the reason you hired the position out in the first place? You don’t have time!

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Jamie SmithJamie Smith

A Year With The Posse

It’s been almost a year since I first started working at Posse Social Media. I’ve learned, made mistakes, and evolved as a writer. I’ve also made big improvements in my career and as a young professional. This time last year I was anxious and excited at the same time. In school I always wanted to have a focus in social media. I realized that digital marketing was how people in the future will promote their businesses and also how consumers will learn about new products and services. I would now like to share a few things I’ve learned during my first year on the job. 

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Chelsea WaddellChelsea Waddell

The True ROI of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has been a trending term for a while now, and many business owners want to be part of it and expand their audience. However, there has been a misunderstanding regarding its expectations and the so-called ROI (Return On Investment) that we want to clarify.

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Tereza LitsaTereza Litsa

3 Common Social Media Problems and How to Solve Them

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  

In the world of social media and inbound marketing, there’s a lot of experimentation when it comes to campaigns, especially with new algorithms pulling a fast one, making engagement and reach more difficult.  

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Kayla AlmonKayla Almon

8 Tools to Help (or Kickoff) Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

We're now a little over a month into the New Year – how are your business’ resolutions going? Did you set social media marketing goals for 2014?

Maybe you said, “We'll blog X number of times per week.” Or, “We'll host one Facebook contest a month.” Or, “We'll finally put some effort into that Twitter/Instagram account.”

Sound familiar?

But maybe you only have your first blog post published. You have yet to come up with an idea for the first Facebook contest, let alone another eleven. And that Twitter/Instagram account still only has its first post from two years ago.

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Kimberly BarnesKimberly Barnes

Social Media is Free Marketing – NOT

Some think of social media as a free marketing tool. Just because you can join social networks for free though doesn’t make it free when you use them for business. Like anything else in life getting the results you want takes time and money. We have all heard the old adage that nothing is free in this world and the same holds true when using social media as a marketing tool. To get the results that you want takes time and for businesses time is money.

Social media marketing is a successful way to

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