Facebook Site Changes – For the Better or For the Birds

As Facebook continues to work on updating their platforms and supposedly making it more users friendly we will see more changes taking place this month. I know that it seems you just began to get use to changes the Facebook networking site. You would think it will stop for a while, but that isn't the way with any technology. What changes are you facing now?

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PJ Hall-BillsPJ Hall-Bills

Say It Ain’t So, LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Says Goodbye to Twitter Update Integration

Worried about whether or not your Tweets with hashtags look inappropriate on LinkedIn? Worry no longer. LinkedIn, the world’s most well-known social media network for business professionals has just cut the proverbial cord.

Since 2009, LinkedIn had allowed users to stream their tweets in their LinkedIn profile feeds. Some had questioned whether or not this ability was advantageous or simply just another means of keeping constant info flowing into one’s feed. Now this is simply a non-issue. This move is somewhat one sided since LinkedIn is continuing to allow users to tweet their LinkedIn updates through a simply checkbox.

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Danny HallDanny Hall

Social Media and Big Business

According to USA Today, big businesses are increasingly tapping into the use of social media to not only expand their businesses but to operate them more efficiently. Big and small companies alike are finding out just what social media can do for them in making things work better as well as adding to their customer bases. Forrester Research has reported that social networking software sales are expected to surpass $6 billion within the next four years.1

Social media networks used for marketing, business operations such as ordering and supplies, connecting with employees and the public demonstrates the effectiveness and time saved. Businesses connect faster without having to

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TB AlvesTB Alves