Blogging: How Often and Guest Blogging

While perusing various social media news sites, I often come across the question of how often to post blogs and how can blogging help develop your website/bring in an audience. And not just any random audience, but how can blogging attract a loyal audience while developing your niche? Blogging has come a long way from teenagers ranting on Xanga to business professionals updating their Wordpress sites and bloggers being considered journalists. Some great benefits of blogging include an increase in traffic, awareness and credibility. With this you’re also gaining repeat visitors who are more likely to share your content and spread the message even further. It doesn't hurt, right?

As a consumer, if I’m interested in your product or services enough to visit your blog, I would like to see a blog post 2-3 times per week minimum, if not every day. A consumer doesn't want to visit your website on Monday, love the blog post and then have to wait another two weeks for a post. Chances are you will lose that customer if they become unsatisfied with the inconsistent posting. Blogging essentially can be lumped with customer service, so it’s best to treat each visitor, each comment like a potential customer. Consistency and value are two very important aspects to customer service and blogging. If you really want to drive more traffic to your blog then try to blog once a day. I know that coming up with content on a daily basis can be challenging and time consuming, but do your research and catalog blog ideas for a rainy day. If there is a day when it comes down to not blogging or blogging with bad content, don’t blog. Readers revisit your site for value and consistent good content, so if you are sacrificing your credibility, take the day to research tomorrow’s blog. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or research what other people are talking about. Just because your competitor covered that topic, doesn't mean you have to cover it in the same way. Take the idea, twist it to fit with your opinions and make it work for your company as well.

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