Marketing With Instagram

Instagram closed out 2014 with a big announcement―the popular social media platform now has over 300 million active monthly users, outpacing Twitter as the 2nd largest social network after Facebook. Simple usability and mobility, along with its massive reach, make Instagram a marketing goldmine for any business that wants to incorporate visual branding as part of its marketing strategy. With a slew of filters and editing features to instantly transform smartphone photos and 15-second video clips to professional quality artwork, Instagram presents major

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Shay McRedmondShay McRedmond

The Top 4 Big Players in Social Media

As a fan of social media for quite sometime now, I’ve followed many companies and seen their successes over the years. I put together this list of some of the “bigger players” in the social media atmosphere that are doing exceptional jobs with their campaigns. Granted, these companies have budgets that one would only dream to work with, they still can show us a few things that we can all implement into our own social media campaigns.

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TB AlvesTB Alves