Facebook Timeline Lets You Post in the Past

Your timeline profile on Facebook will now show a little clock symbol for publishing your status updates. If you click on the clock, you can type in the year, and then the day and month fields. Your post will be placed in its correct spot in your timeline.

The past posts in your timeline don't have the clock icon yet, but it should be coming soon. This should further help you manage your own story online, as you can add depth with the addition of more and more posts.

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Nicole LongNicole Long

Is Facebook Getting a Whole New Facelift? Check Out Timeline

If by some random happenstance you missed out on today’s F8 conference held by Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg, here are some of the highlights. After a somewhat amusing intro skit courtesy SNL’s own Andy Samberg, Zuckerberg took the stage to speak about what looks to be the most radical makeover Facebook has seen since it first premiered in 2007. If Facebook started out being all about the profile, and then morphed into being all about the wall, get ready for the next level – the Timeline.

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