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In the future our astronauts may not find any Transformers on the dark side of the moon, but thanks to a Japanese sports drink company they may find the “Lunar Dream Capsule.”

The company that could be responsible for the first advertisement on the lunar surface is known as Pocari Sweat. They are teaming up with the Singapore-based start-up Astroscale as well as a few others to make this project possible. The Lunar Dream Capsule will look identical to a normal can of Pocari Sweat but you know what they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, the Lunar Dream Capsule will be made out of titanium and will house more than 70 components that were custom-designed to shield the important parts of the capsule from the vibrations of the launch and the extreme conditions on the moon. Other than the parts mentioned above the Lunar Dream Capsule will hold a powdered form of Pocari Sweat in hopes that future astronauts will be able to mix the powder with water and drink it. In addition, the can will contain 120 laser-engraved plates, which will be etched with the dreams of 38,000 kids from around the world for future moon-landers to someday read. The Lunar Dream Capsule is scheduled to be sent into the cosmos in October of 2015.

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