How Twitter Chats Benefit Your Business and Boost Inbound Marketing

Social media is a necessary component for your inbound marketing strategy.  In fact, it’s vital to a brand’s success. Quite the opposite of outbound marketing, this technique strives to reach customers with relevant and helpful content, meeting people where they are and engaging on platforms where customers, leads and visitors want to interact.


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Kayla AlmonKayla Almon

Marketing With Instagram

Instagram closed out 2014 with a big announcement―the popular social media platform now has over 300 million active monthly users, outpacing Twitter as the 2nd largest social network after Facebook. Simple usability and mobility, along with its massive reach, make Instagram a marketing goldmine for any business that wants to incorporate visual branding as part of its marketing strategy. With a slew of filters and editing features to instantly transform smartphone photos and 15-second video clips to professional quality artwork, Instagram presents major

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Shay McRedmondShay McRedmond

What We Can All Learn from the Foursquare and Swarm Rebranding Fiasco

Oh, Foursquare. Originally known for being a simple, sensibly designed app for checking in and discovering the places around us, Foursquare has now split in two. Two apps, that is. In May, the company released a new app called Swarm for check-ins and kept the original Foursquare for discovering places. Why, you ask? Users are still trying to figure that out months later.

Foursquare’s intent was to move away from the check-in option that they pioneered and into the jam-packed realm of apps that help users connect with local businesses. When sites like Facebook and Yelp added

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Ahh, My Daughter Asked to Join Social Media

As a mother of two I have struggled with the decision to allow my children to use social media. My daughter started asking if she could join Facebook when she was 10. Thankfully, Facebook requires you to be at least 13 to set up an account, so I had no issue with telling her no. My daughter recently turned 13 and hasn’t yet asked to join Facebook again, but has asked to join Instagram. With my permission my daughter set up an account, but my next struggle involved trying to figure out what rules I would require her to follow. Of course there are some no-brainers:

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Stacy MaynardStacy Maynard

Social Media and the Law | Why Criminals Share Online

Recently, an inmate was able to escape from Lancaster County sheriff's deputies. Important, but not exactly something that doesn't happen from time to time, right? One big difference here though... After his escape, the inmate stopped and posted a status update to Facebook. What? Yes, a status update to Facebook. Why in the world would a known criminal stop and let the world know what he is currently doing? It all comes down to our social media compulsions. We have become a society that hinges on knowing and sharing our latest exploits, successes, failures, etc.

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Danny HallDanny Hall

Social Media Growth Is Always On The Rise

We've all been there. You log on to Facebook, and the platform suddenly looks like a completely new website. You log on to Twitter, and your profile now includes updates on who you’ve followed. But these aren’t the only ways the two social media giants are expanding their reach. The companies have started creating new apps, buying other apps and even venturing into endeavors outside of their current genre. This social media growth is evident in many ways.

How Social Media Growth Is Real

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Morgan CretellaMorgan Cretella