Content Marketing: Beyond The Blog Post

There is no way to talk about digital marketing nowadays without including ‘content marketing’ in the very first sentences. The increasing need for online content has turned every business into a publisher and content marketing is now proudly considered a powerful weapon for a complete digital strategy.

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Tereza LitsaTereza Litsa

2016: The Year of the Video

According to the Chinese horoscope calendar, it’s the Year of the Red Monkey. But according to social media, it’s the Year of Video.

2015 brought live social streaming to the forefront of social media with apps like Periscope and Meerkat, and the launch of Facebook Live, a native live-streaming service rolled out to verified brand pages.

In November of 2015, Facebook hit the 8 billion daily video views mark (up from 4 billion just a few months earlier).

Snapchat also had a great year in 2015, counting more than 200 million active users and moving beyond its reputation as a niche network. 

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Amie DetarAmie Detar

Is A Google+ Sign In Required For Leaving YouTube Comments?

In order to leave comments on YouTube you now need to have a Google+ login. This change became effective early this month, and one simple look at the responses found in comments and articles will show you just how many people are up in arms. Some of the most stringent comments have actually been made by YouTube creators and founders. A change occurring in anything that’s a major part of people’s lives always brings about frustration and even anger, but does this change really warrant

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PJ Hall-BillsPJ Hall-Bills

Online Video Marketing - A Must or a Bust?

Any of us who do any amount of business online have heard time and again that embracing online video is must in order to achieve any degree of success. YouTube and Vimeo have both become video hosting/video search engine juggernauts while other folks choose to host and stream their videos to their websites via methods such as Amazon S3 or Rackspace. No matter where you host your videos the question remains

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TB AlvesTB Alves