Leaving Cold Leads Behind: Why I Left Journalism

I have always been a thrill of the chase kind of writer. Taking difficult topics and mastering them as a wordsmith was always a dream of mine.  

I truly envy those who know exactly what they want to do before they even begin applying for colleges. When my aspirations of becoming a veterinarian were voluntarily cast aside, I decided to put pen to paper (literally at that time) and start a career in writing – more specifically, journalism.

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Rachel OrnRachel Orn

How Can I Create A Presence On The Internet? Part 2

Welcome back! Let’s jump right in on part two of our three part series on reaching your target audience with great results. In the last installment (click here for Part One) we discussed how to identify your target audience, how to stay engaging, and styles of writing for different sources. Now we will discuss SEO, Google and Google’s newest algorithm. So let’s begin with SEO and what it means to your posts and articles.

What is SEO?

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How Can I Create A Presence On The Internet?

Trying to make your presence known on the internet can be a very complicated and confusing process. If you have tried to do it on your own before without knowing what you’re getting into, it can make you feel kind of like the pigeon who smacks into the window of a 5th story apartment home. The key to success is having the right

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Blogging for your Business

Having a blog for your business is easy, cost effective, and a great way to gain social media exposure. While blogging you can share your expertise in your field, share up to date news or information about your business, and show your customers that you are active in trying to meet their needs. As a blogger myself I try to follow some simple guidelines so I have put together a few tips that have helped me and might help you along the way.

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Stacy MaynardStacy Maynard